We provide memorable, and professional photos of tour groups at Grant Memorial in front of the United States Capitol building. Photos of your group can be printed as either 10"x20" panoramic, or 8"x10" prints, with additional print sizes available upon request. Our process takes approximately 10-15 minutes for most groups to be setup and have their photo taken. There is a minimum purchase requirement in order to book. "Runners" are available upon request.

The Basics


We accept payment via check, or credit card. Payment is processed per group, and must be made prior to your photo appointment.


Capitol Memories accepts reservations for photos to be taken seven days a week, year round. Photos are taken on the west side of the Capitol building at Grant Memorial. Alternative locations at other historic landmarks are available on a limited basis. Prior arrangements for alternative locations are required. 


Photos will be delivered to your group's specified address within 2-3 weeks of your photo date. This information will be to be given on site by the group leader when your group takes their photo.

Free Photos

Ask about complimentary photos for you group!

Where to go?

Our photographers will meet you at the steps of Grant Memorial, west of the Capitol building.

Book a Group:

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Direct -    (703) 217-6930

Office -    (703) 671-9293

Toll Free - 1 (800) 759-6884


Photos are taken on the steps of Grant Memorial on the West side of the Capitol Building.

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