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Capitol Memories has been professionally photographing tour groups on the steps of Grant for over 25 years, and has perfected the craft, second to none. Formed in 1991 as a second branch to the youth sport photography company Memory Makers (started in 1973), having your tour photo taken in our nation's capital has been staple ever sense. Our name Capitol Memories was chosen to embody the long lasting memories we provide, in addition to referencing a historic symbol of our nation - the Capitol Building itself. We are dedicated to capturing a special moment to commemorate your trip to our nation's capitol. Our unforgettable photographs are taken at the Grant Memorial, just west of the Capitol Building.

During the last two decades, Capitol Memories has successfully photographed over 10,000 tour groups. From close knit groups of 10 people, to over 400, we are prepared for any group on any day of the week, come rain, shine, or even snow! At Capitol Memories we understand that tour groups often have ever-changing plans, and we are always flexible with scheduling, or re-scheduling your reservation, even on the day of your photo! We are always willing to work with you to ensure that your group has their photo taken.

If you're bringing a tour group to Washington D.C., consider arranging for an iconic group photograph to commemorate your trip. 

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Photos are taken on the steps of Grant Memorial on the West side of the Capitol Building.

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