Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If after reading through this section you're still curious about something, we would love to hear from you over on our Contact Us page!

What photo sizes are offered?

Our standard photo sizes are an 8"x10", and an 10"x20" panoramic. Larger panoramic prints are available upon request.

How much will our Capitol photo cost?

Please contact us as or talk to a live representative at (703)-217-6930.


How can I book my group for a photo in front of the Capitol?

Please see our Booking page. You can expect an email confirmation of your booking within 24-48 hours of your request.


What if we can't make our scheduled photo time?

This is not a problem! We understand that plans change, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility. It is always our priority that you still have your photo taken while you are still in Washington D.C. If you're running late, or need to completely change your photo time, please call the Capitol Memories hotline at (703)-217-6930. Our back-up number is (703)-671-9293.

What if there is inclement weather during our photo?

Our photographers are ready to capture your memories in any weather condition! However, we understand if you prefer to reschedule your photo as well.

How do we get to the photo location from our Capitol appointment?

When exiting the Capitol Building after a tour you will be on the west side of the building. You should continue down the steps, and exit the Capitol grounds to the left. This will bring you to Garfield Circle where you will cross the street towards the Botanical Gardens, and then cross another street towards Grant Memorial where you will meet our photographer at the memorial's steps.

Map of the Capitol and Grant Memorial:

How will long will it take to receive our photos?

Please allow up to four weeks for delivery. All photos will be delivered to the address provided on-site the day of your photo.

Can I receive my photos while I am in town?

You can! Please contact a live representative at (703)-217-6930 to request in-town delivery, and learn about our special pricing.

Can I reorder my photos?

Absolutely! You can submit a reorder request here on our website.

Book a Group:

Want to book with us? Come on over to our Booking Page.


Direct -    (703) 217-6930

Office -    (703) 671-9293

Toll Free - 1 (800) 759-6884


Photos are taken on the steps of Grant Memorial on the West side of the Capitol Building.

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